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The 7 advantages of website heat mapping as a diagnostic tool

Heatmaps are 2D data visualizations that use color to represent values in a matrix. Used by everyone from social scientists to financial analysts and biologists, heatmaps have been around in one way or another for over 100 years.

In this blog, Morten Hornbaek, Head of Customer Success at Mouseflow, explains why heatmaps are such a powerful diagnostic tool when it comes to understanding how users interact with websites.

1. Heatmaps give an instant overview of key web performance parameters

While other kinds of analytics have their strengths, heatmaps draw instant attention to major issues on your website.

We’ve written about the different types of web diagnostic heatmaps before. Click heatmaps reveal the clicking patterns of your users. Scroll heatmaps expose the average visibility of your pages. Attention heatmaps show which parts of your site are most engaging to users. Movement heatmaps track mouse movements. Finally, geo heatmaps reveal user locations in an anonymized fashion.

Taken together, web diagnostic heatmaps add significant speed to the problem-solver’s journey. For example, cold spots (areas that don’t get much attention) and folds in the scroll heatmaps quickly identify problem areas. Geo heatmaps instantly reveal the territories or countries where conversions are good and where they are not. In short, heatmaps tell you at a glance what’s working and what needs to be addressed.

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A session replay tool is the perfect complement to Google Analytics

Over the last several years, visual analytics tools have been picking up steam. Tools that provide raw data about your website’s statistics (like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) are valuable for measuring success, identifying weaknesses, and optimizing marketing budgets. If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, check out this helpful tutorial for beginners:

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Improvements to Merge URLs & the Mouseflow Dashboard

The Mouseflow development team just launched several updates to the platform.

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Mouseflow acquired by Offspring Capital

A personal note from the CEO of Mouseflow:

I am very happy to announce that Mouseflow has received an investment by Offspring Capital, a Copenhagen-based private investment firm focused on technology companies.

Founded in 2009, Mouseflow helps thousands of businesses -- from small to large -- to understand how visitors behave on their websites. The SaaS platform has been installed on over 125,000 websites worldwide, including many of the world’s largest brands.

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The Ultimate Guide to Heatmaps

What is a heatmap?

A website heatmap is a visual representation of aggregate data points. Website heatmaps utilize a color coding system to indicate increased and decreased levels of activity. In the past decade, website heatmaps have exploded in popularity. Analytics positions, UX analysts, product managers, digital marketers, and many others professions are beginning to utilize website heatmaps on a day to day basis.

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Introducing Friction Score on Recordings!

You may have heard the rumors: Friction Score is here and getting better and better. Today, we’re pleased to announce it’s now available on the Recording List!

When a user experiences frustration or trouble on your site, their recording will show an unhappy or angry face in the “Friction” column. You can use Mouseflow’s filter feature (the funnel icon in the blue bar) to quickly identify these problematic sessions. Filtering options include “Happy”, “Unhappy”, or “Very Unhappy”.

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Introducing Friction Score on Heatmaps!

Our team is excited to announce a new feature in Mouseflow: Friction Score on Heatmaps!

This is a number that indicates the level of user frustration on each page of your website. You can use it along with the rest of your page metrics to identify which pages need your immediate attention.

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Under the CRO Microscope: Better Proposals

Editor's Note: This article is part of a series we’ll publish, tearing down our clients' sites. We want to share insights into what's working for them and identify opportunities to increase conversions. You'll be able to use these same ideas to improve sign-ups and sales for your business. 

The most effective marketing strategy is knowing who your customers are. What does this mean for CRO? The best way to increase conversions is having a deep understanding of your customers. Their pains, beliefs, objections, and desires.

Strategy before tactics.

You can test the color of a button a hundred times. It will never have a real effect on your conversions if what you are saying to your visitors doesn't create an emotional connection with them. This is what you need to work on first.

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Launching a brand new podcast: Inside the Flow EP1, feat. Adam Hempsenstall of Better Proposals

The Mouseflow team is incredibly excited to publish the first episode of our new podcast, Inside the Flow. Join us monthly as we get to speak with some of the brightest entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, and UX designers from around the world. 

Our first episode features Adam Hempenstall, the founder and CEO of Better Proposals. Adam brings a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge to the table: join us as we discuss some of the obstacles, failures, and successes that come with launching your own product and business. 

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Updates to our Privacy Policy

We value privacy and want you to understand the control you have over your data in Mouseflow. As apart of our commitment to transparency and in anticipation of GDPR, we updated Mouseflow’s Privacy Policy.

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